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Ron Donovan

Ron Donovan, the company’s founder, creative director and chief shoe builder, graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in industrial engineering. Upon graduating, Donovan worked in technical design and sales for a fortune 500 company. Yielding to a burning desire for entrepreneurship, he left a blossoming corporate career in search of what would be his “right livelihood”. While on his search, his natural inclinations toward fashion led him into professional modeling. It was this experience that exposed a void in the footwear market that he felt passionate about filling. A perfect example of “necessity being the mother of invention”, Donovan’s inability to find stylish high-quality footwear for his size 15 ½ feet sparked his interest in shoemaking. Realizing that his was a frustration shared by many, he established what is now RONDONOVAN.

Drawing from his technical background and his fashion experience, Donovan began teaching himself the craft. Tearing apart old shoes to understand their construction, he began making rudimentary shoes. An opportunity to live abroad enabled Donovan to continue his shoemaking education. There he learned about French and Italian shoemaking from old-world craftsmen. Upon returning to New York, Donovan met two gentlemen with nearly 100 years’ experience between them. Under their tutelage, he transformed himself from a competent shoemaker into a real craftsman. He then began building footwear for a small, but prominent and loyal clientele. Donovan’s fashion experience also includes having served as director of couture for a prominent 7th Avenue couturier, a tenure that gave him even greater insight to the world of fashion.

Ron Donovan Footwear & Accessories Founder