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Ron Donovan Fashion Group International Finalist 2012
The Company

Welcome to the unique combination of design, craftsmanship, comfort and service that has come to be known as “The RONDONOVAN Experience”.

RONDONOVAN is a New York based builder of luxury footwear and accessories. Initially, we built only bespoke (custom) footwear for men with “extreme size” needs. However, we soon began catering to the needs of men and women of all sizes who appreciate style and understand the value of quality. We now have added ready-made collections to our hallmark bespoke and “extreme size” products.

The ready-made collections adhere to the design philosophy “traditional with a modernistic edge” and reflect my own eclectic sensibilities and experiences. The results are products that move easily from the boardroom to a night out on the town. At RONDONOVAN, we are as committed to servicing the needs and desires of our loyal friends and clients as we are to craftsmanship.

Again, welcome to RONDONOVAN and enjoy the “experience”.

Ron Donovan
Ron Donovan Footwear & Accessories Company Background