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Ron Donovan Fashion Group International Finalist 2012

These offerings feature specific materials, colors and standard sizes. As the term suggests, they are produced and inventoried in advance so that they are immediately available for shipping upon purchase.

Special Order

Like the ready-made styles, these offerings also feature specific materials, colors and standard sizes. However, they are produced only upon purchase and require 4-6 weeks for delivery.


The term bespoke, in most instances, is considered synonymous with custom. It comes from the English tradition of setting aside materials a client has chosen. These materials are then said to be "spoken for".

RONDONOVAN offers two types of bespoke products, made-to-order and made-to-measure. Made-to-order products offer existing styles in standard sizes that can be customized with materials and details. Made-to-measure offers the same customization but includes the creation of a last (mold) specific to the client's measurements. The result is a more exact fit. All of our bespoke products require lead-times which are determined when an order is placed.

Whether Ready-Made, Special Order or Bespoke, "the high quality of products is evident upon sight and confirmed upon one's first handling".

Ron Donovan Footwear & Accessories Offerrings